Hear the sample clip from our sponsored professional musician Mr. Edgar with Gold ColorViolin custom made for him and PiZo pickup installed on G side of bridge. Direct connection from PiZo pickup to low level input on amplifier. Recorded in 2008.

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Beautiful Solid Pearl ColorViolins
Fantastic New Products, Lowest Price! Hidden Features
We are introducing Pearl shiny color violins, with Starburst color selections. These high quality hand crafted coloredviolins are designed in USA, and made by top quality musical instruments factory in China. The parts have been carefully selected.Only sold in complete kit which includes violin, Nice hardshell canvas type carrying case with soft interior and music pocket, good qualitybrazilwood bow painted white with real white horse hair. Metal tail piece with 4 fine tuners, german quality, best chin rest, ebony color fingerboard,pre-fitted bridge and good student strings. You are ready to play, just erect bridge and tighten 4 strings. Rosin and shoulder belt are included.

Designed in USA
Color selections are:
  • Starburst Red
  • Mint/Lime Green
  • Mango Yellow
  • Red, pink, Green, Blue, Silver
  • Most Full size 4/4, and some 1/2 size in popular starburst red color.

    Hear some amplified samples, playableon your Windows Media player(coming soon!)

    There are two special features with our ColorViolin(TM)
  • Special Shiny pearl slices are embedded inside the paint,red and lime green shown more effective.
  • Each violins comes with a 1/4" jack installed, with3 feet piggy Instrument cable inside, this is for easy upgrading to electric amplification.

    The embedded pearl powder reflected light in many
    directions,shown here Starburst Red.

    Beautiful curved Scroll and Shiny Mint Green paint with Pearl.

    Galaxy Silver color you can see a lot of stars, imagine a starry night
    when performing

    The tried and true Pizeo-type violin sensor

    The professional high quality double shielded instrument cable
    prewired to the built-in 1/4" jack on the side board. Also
    shown is the pre-fitted bridge came with the kit.

    Our Shiny-yellow in-store/live-demo violin with built-in cable
    soldered to a USA made high quality piezo-disk inserted on the
    G-side of the bridge. Some silicon sealant was injected into
    the acoustic cavity, to enhanced the electric amplification, also to gain weight of the violin. Youcan hear this in the demo .WAV file.

    White Painted Whole bow, see the nicely white tip.

    The bow painted in white constructed of high quality Brazilwood stick, half mounted Rosewood frog with mother-of-pearl slide and mother-of-pearlSerbian eye and nickel/Silver plated wire wrap. Hand crafted and hand painted with nice detailing, plays great.

    High quality Metal tailpiece with 4 built-in fine tuners,
    easy tuning.

    nice chin rest and end pin, all holes on body was drilled after finalpaint are applied this assures purity.

    The neck area are intentionall left with no color to
    show beautiful Natural color, great for hand slide,
    shown here neck of berry purple.

    The label inside every ColorViolin display proudly our private label,Colorviolin.com , designed in USA, Anno 2002

    Very nice case with all amenity, jet black color. Two
    detachable shoulderstrap included.

    The dark colored (purple) violin uses case with shiny-white

    Customer Feedback:

  • Our Musician Friends:

  • We are proud sponsor ofOmar Lopez sponsor from Austin, TX, he has modified aStarburst Red ColorViolin for his daily gigs. See what he think about our ColorViolin here .Please visit the Official Website of New Age and World Jazz Violinist Omar Lopez - Omar Lopez Music,for Bio, News, Pics, Shows, and more!
  • Our old friend Gary added the "PiZo" sweet pickup:
  • New Musician Family, read Coneen's Review Here
  • Noel Webb, Vanguard Violinist, his CD Satin Sheets is really good.click here to purchase.
  • Susie Hansen, Latin Music Violinist, her new CD "Salsa Never Ends" is good.Please visit Her website

  • Bobby Mountain is using a "ColorViolin StarBurst Red", he was nominated into the first round of Grammy Awards, he is a lead singer, but when he pulls out the fiddle, people listens.
    Compare our price with another company who is selling this non-electric violin outfit for $489. We save by designing and ordering a wholeload of violins at one time, we pass on the savings to customers. We test allfrequency response and sound quality of violin and sensors in our own USA lab. Hot! Hurry! Order securely using credit card.
    All 2nd-gen Colorviolins (please note: these are all hand painted by 100 yr old violin maker, some minor imperfection on paint is unavoidale)now have built-in 1/4" jackconnected with a 1/8" stereo phone plug coming out from the leftf-hole of the violin, so with the new PiZo pickup (has 1/8" female jack),so when you need electric sound, simply snap two 1/8" jac k/plug together,no more tedious task.
  • To see all 3rd-gen in stock color, ,Click here
  • 2ndgen PiZo placement on violin
    To see how 2nd-gen PiZo sensor can be placed/hooked up with 2nd-gen Colorviolin,Click here to see other arrangement of PiZo
    See an example of how 3rd gen PiZo can be easily fitted onto violin tailpiece with a rubber band (non-intrusive)

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